Therapy of injections

Therapy of Injections – 30 Minutes

Therapy of Botox

*Muscle Relaxation
($13 per unit)

Therapy of Dysport

*Muscle Relaxation
($8 per unit)

Therapy of Juvederm Ultra Plus

*Dermal Filler
($650 for Syringe)

Therapy of Restylane

*Dermal Filler
($395 for ½ Syringe )
( $695 for Syringe)

Therapy of Radiesse

*Dermal Filler
($550 for Syringe)
( $700 for ½ Syringe)

Therapy of Voluma

*Dermal Filler
($800 for Syringe)

Therapy of Bellafill

*The longest lasting facial filler
($1000 for Syringe)

Bellafill Kit

*($3500 for 5 syringes)

Therapy of Spider Vein of the Legs

*Initial Visit
($175 | One Hour)
*2nd Visit
($100 | One Hour)
( $50 | 30 minutes)

Botox and Dysport Therapy

-Botox and Dysport injections have been found to be useful in minimizing facial lines and wrinkles due to sun exposure, stress, and aging. Results last 4 to 6 months.
(30 minutes $300-$1500 {Average Cost} )

Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse Therapy

-An injection of these therapies will temporarily fill out lines in your lips, eyes, cheeks, and forehead when you need to look your very best for that special occasion. Treatment may need to be repeated in 6 to 12 months.
(30 minutes $650 per syringe)
*Multiple syringes may be needed.