Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

-This classic massage utilizes long and flowing kneading strokes to reduce tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation.
(30 minutes $45)
(60 minutes $75)


-This deep-tissue therapeutic massage concentrates on relieving muscular tension and spasms due to stress, work, and physical activities.
(30 minutes $55)
( 60 minutes $85)

Prenatal Message

-This massage is great for mom and baby to help relieve stress of pressure to moms back and hips and legs.
(30 minutes $50 )
( 60 minutes $80)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

-This massage is therapeutic and aides in healing of surgical wounds. Nerve receptors are improved for decreased pain.
(30-60 minutes $150-$350)


-Experience the refreshing aroma of perfectly blended essential oils during this fragrant massage.
(60 minutes $90 )
( 90 minutes $130)

Sitting Duck

-Remain clothed and sit comfortably in our special massage chair as your neck, back, shoulders, and arms are massaged.
(20 minutes $30)

On the Rocks

-Hot and cold stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of a traditional massage.
(60 minutes $100)

*Add herbal body wrap for firm, tone, and tight body and face.