Male Services

Man! Oh Man!

-Starting with steam, following with exfoliation, deep pore extractions hydration, and ending with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.
(60 minutes$95)

The Spa Therapies Game

-Select your favorite massage and add it to the Man! Oh Man!
(120 minutes $200)


-Hair removal of back ($500)
-Hair removal of face ($150-$300)
-Hair removal of neck ($200)

*Removal of spots to face, head, and anywhere on the body. ($150-$350)
*Laser for redness to face. ($150-$350)

Chemical Peels

-Restore and renew the damages and prevent continued aging of the face, neck, and body.

Massage (Sports) Deep Tissue

-Releases the tension of overworked muscles from sports activities.
(60 minutes $85)